4-MMC Crystal

4-MMC Crystal

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4-MMC Crystal powder (4-Methylmethcathinone Hydrochloride) is an alternative of 4-MMC. It is an analog of mephedrone and a structural isomer of Mephedrone.

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Buy 4-MMC Crystal Online | 4 MMC Crystal.

4-MMC Crystal powder (4-Methylmethcathinone Hydrochloride) is an alternative of 4-MMC. It is an analog of mephedrone and a structural isomer of Mephedrone. Customers can get products throughout this page.

This is a relatively new product, which was firstly presented by sfcc-chemicals.com. It is a research chemical that has only been on the market for a few years. This is an analogue of Methylone, which has its most noticeable effects on the duration and intensity of the high. This can be explained by it’s slower metabolism by enzymes in the human body and brain as compared to Methylone. Methylone metabolization takes place in the liver, but due to the slower metabolism, once ingested, it produces similar effects to MDMA.

4-MMC crystal
4-MMC crystal

Effect and uses of 4-MMC crystal.

This is a novel psychoactive substance and derivative of the substituted amphetamine 4-methoxyamphetamine. It is chemically related to the psychedelic 2C-C, among other designer drugs of the 2C family. The mental effects when taken include intense euphoria, stimulation, pleasurable body highs, empathy, a general sense of well-being and thought fusion. When used in excess, it may also cause some stimulant-like side effects (e.g., insomnia due to its keeping potential users awake for long periods of time at night). It has been compared to ecstasy and nicknamed “poor man’s cocaine”.

4-MMC Crystal for sale.

We do sale in large amounts, high purity and strong effect, very popular in the market, high quality and competitive price. This is one of the best legal options to get high when you are looking for a substitute to harder substances. It is a synthetic empathogen that can be found in powder, as well as crystallized or liquid drops form. It has an extra fast rate of absorption and comes from mushrooms from South-East Asia. This is very similar in effects to MDMA.

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