6-APB Powder

6-APB Powder

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6APB or 6-APB is a synthetic phenethylamine derived from MDA and the chemical structure of a substituted benzofuran amphetamine.

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6APB or 6-APB is a synthetic phenethylamine derived from MDA and the chemical structure of a substituted benzofuran amphetamine. It is a slightly psychedelic psychoactive designer drug with reported stimulant, entactogenic, and mild psychedelic properties.

This is research chemicals that is a psychoactive substance and is intended for laboratory research only. This drug Powder and other substances are not intended, nor should they be used in any way, to treat, cure, prevent or mitigate any disease or medical condition.

Uses & effect 6-APB:

You will feel very stimulated and have a strong desire to be social. It is like a coffee high without the anxiety or jitters of it wearing off. You’ll still feel very clear-headed, motivated, and driven but with a lack of fatigue. Happy, positive mood, and euphoria will be present for most of the experience, depending on the dosage taken. You may also feel slight auditory hallucinations such as ringing in your ears and amplified sounds from everyday noises if you pay attention to them.

6-APB Powder
6-APB Powder

6 APB (4-bromo-2, 5-dimethoxy-beta-phenylethylamine) is a psychedelic phenethylamine. It differs from the more common 2C substitutes in that it contains a halogen atom on the beta carbon. The pD (pKa) of the alpha carbon of 6-APB is ~12, while that of 2C drugs is >12, making them generally inactive when taken orally.

6 APB Powder For Sale:

This is a great research chemical and a very versatile material. We offer it in both bulk and small quantities, starting from as little as 10 grams. It can be used for personal research and lab testing, but there are also more widespread uses for it. It’s a relatively new compound on the market, so we are always prepared to help users with any questions they might have about 6 APB or other legal high alternatives.

This is intended for research purposes only! Get some great discounts on bulk orders here at www.sfcc-chemicals.com Research Chemicals. We also stock many other research chemicals and are here to answer any questions you may have.  We professionally and discreetly ship worldwide.

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    My first order with the vendor. I had doubts but the product arrived safely and tested. Will be back to buy again soon.

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