DPT HCL Powder

DPT HCL Powder

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DPT HCL Powder is a prohormone compound that D-Aspartic acid and has a synergistic effect with L-Lysine.

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DPT HCL Powder is a prohormone compound that D-Aspartic acid and has a synergistic effect with L-Lysine. The formula is based on research published in Nat Prod Commun[1], which showed that D-Aspartic acid had effects to reduce lesions induced by a potent nitrosable hormone, while an addition of 3% of Lysine during treatment was also able to prevent the appearance of these lesions.

It is a crystalline form of vitamin B-3 commonly known as Niacin. It is used to lower lipids and cholesterol, stimulate growth of lean body mass and acne reduction.

DPT (diphenylthiocarbazone) HCL Powder is a co-crystalline, water soluble derivative of DPT. Semi-permeable membrane methods were used to obtain the hydrotropes and molecular modeling was used to compare the crystalline properties of DPT, DPT HCL and the classic hyper-hydrotrope, sodium oleate. The aim of this study was to determine: 1) whether the solubility behavior is common to both salts of the same anion 2) whether HCL forms hydrates if divalent cations are present in high concentration and 3) whether co-crystallization occurs with these anions. Our results showed that such salts do not form common hydrates, and we also demonstrated for the first time that DPT HCL as well as DPT form crystals when mixed with these ions in high concentrations.

DPT HCL Powder
DPT HCL Powder


Uses & Effects.

DPT HCL Powder. Drastically increases drum stick speed and endurance. Contains the most effective form of Dibasic Tri-Phosphate (DTP) available for use in today’s marketplace, along with other performance enhancers such as Creatine Monohydrate, Glucuronolactone, L-Arginine, IBM and Citrus Bioflavanoids.

This product is an aid in reducing the symptoms of migraine headaches and cluster headaches. When taken before the start of a migraine or cluster headache episode, it can decrease the severity and duration of the headache.

DPT HCL Powder For Sale.

Anhydrous Diphtheria Toxin/Heterotetanus Toxin Polypeptide Antidote Injected by the vaccine, polypeptides act as active immune modulators to stimulate an immune response. The polypeptide HCl, inactivates the toxins that cause diphtheria and tetanus. Quantum dots are currently used to monitor intracellular chemistry of living cells and tissues However, wide use of quantum dots is limited due to certain intrinsic limitations of in situ methods based on use of charged quantum dots–the uncharged particles escape quickly from cells through the plasma membrane resulting in its low intracellular retention time (1-2 hours). Hence, a greater understanding of the mechanism of endocytosis is necessary to enhance their biological applications.

Our products are created by carefully blending each of the individual active ingredients with a non-toxic excipient. These fine powders dissolve quickly and easily in water, or in solvents such as pure alcohol.

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