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Neurocaine is a drug that helps cure any neurodegenerative, neuro-receptive, neuro-regenerative and neuro-destructive disease. Neurons are cells that transmit information, whether it is sensory or motor, to the muscles and organs in the body. Neurocaine works by inhibiting degeneration of these cells. The drug has shown in many clinical trials that it not only inhibits degeneration but also stimulates growth. It can stimulate both regeneration to the injured part or even to completely new growth for treating neurotrauma patients. Thus, if administered correctly at the right time, this is an ideal solution for curing paralysis.

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Used by world-class athletes to improve their physical performance, neurocaine powder harnesses the power of an amino acid that is naturally produced in your body. When combined with food or liquid, it activates the Nitric Oxide Pathway for extremely enhanced muscle growth and development. This product is organic, all natural, and does not contain artificial ingredients.

This supplement has the potential to help with neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, neuropathic pain like sciatica, cluster headaches, etc.

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It is an analgesic that acts on the brain to reduce the sensation of pain. It is most effective for nerve pain and back pain. This medication will not treat inflammation or swelling in the body but it works well when those accompanying symptoms are present. This medication given through injection can be very effective at reducing pain in patients who have cancer in their bones, blood, or soft tissue.


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